Washington Township Cemeteries



The Board of Washington Township Trustee’s goal is to properly maintain all Washington Township owned cemeteries in a fashion to respectfully remember those who have preceded us.

There are fifteen (15) cemeteries located within Washington Township. The Township maintains five (5) of them, four (4) of which are still active*

 *Moscow Cemetery, located at the end of Moscow Cemetery Road off U.S. 52 

*Pt. Isabel Cemetery, located on Laurel-Pt. Isabel Road, just off the intersection of S.R. 222 

*Neville Cemetery, located on Washington St. in the Village of Neville 

*Mt. Olivet Calvary Cemetery, located at 2410 State Route 756  

Chilo McKendree Chapel, located on Neville Penn-Schoolhouse Road  

Of the other known ten (10) cemeteries located in the Township, one (1), Vesper Cemetery, located at 397 Neville-Penn Schoolhouse Road, is still active and maintained by the Vesper Cemetery Association and the other remaining nine (9) are located on private property.  


Cemetery Pricing

We are happy to announce that the expansion of the Pt. Isabel Cemetery, Moscow Cemetery, and Neville Cemetery has been completed and lots can now be purchased. Expansion of Mt. Olivet Calvary Cemetery is underway and our hope is to begin selling lots in this cemetery by the spring of 2019. Until then there are a few lots still available in the Mt. Olivet Calvary Cemetery. 

The Township offers resident and non-resident rates as follows: 

Full Lot, Resident (8 graves) -         $1,800.00 

Full Lot, Non-Resident (8 graves) - $3,600.00  

Half Lot, Resident (4 graves) -         $1,000.00 

Halt Lot, Non-Resident (4 graves) - $2,000.00  

Quarter Lot, Resident (2 graves) -      $600.00 (Available in Pt. Isabel Cemetery only) 

Quarter Lot, Non Resident (2 graves) - $1,200.00 (Available in Pt. Isabel Cemetery only)


How is residency determined?  

A Resident is anyone that lives in or owns property in Washington Township at the time of the purchase. A Resident must show proof of residency with a copy of a drivers license, utility  bill, or similar paper. A person who owns property in Washington Township, but does not live in the township can use a current tax bill as proof of ownership.

Non-Resident is anyone that lives outside of or does not own property in Washington Township.

The Non-Resident increase in price is to cover perpetual care of the gravesite since Washington Township does not collect taxes from a Non-Resident. 

How do I purchase a cemetery lot?  Contact the Washington Township Administration Office at (513) 552-2072 to set an appointment to view lot location and to make sure the lot is sufficient for your needs.

Who responsible for opening/closing a gravesite and installing monument footers, etc.?  Washington Township does not install monument footers or provide any opening/closing of gravesites. These services must be coordinated through the funeral home conducting your services and the monument company you have purchased your headstone from.

Who is responsible for mowing the cemetery?  Washington Township is responsible for mowing all Township owned cemeteries. The Township also maintains the trees and shrubberies that  have either been left in place or planted by the Township in the cemetery.  

Can I place adornments or decorations on my cemetery lot?  

As a general rule of thumb – if the decoration is not completely secured to the foundation or headstone (monument), it is not allowed. The mowing and maintenance of Township cemeteries is very time consuming and leaves very little time for the maintenance crew to move decorations in order to trim around and mow each grave.

On August 8, 2018 the Board of Washington Township Trustees adopted  revised  Rules & Regulations for all Township cemeteries. For a complete set of the revised  Washington Township Cemetery Rules & Regulations, please contact the Township Administration Office at (513) 553-2072. 

Vesper Cemetery (Privately Owned & Operated)

Who do I contact to purchase a lot or get information on Vesper Cemetery?  To purchase lots in Vesper Cemetery, contact one of the following: Dennis Donovan at (513) 876-2997; Mike Fancher at (513) 734-6176; or Bill Carter at (513) 553-3994,