Road & Bridge Department

Who is responsible for taking care of the road in front of my house?

In the township, there are several types of road systems. There are state, county, township, and private roads. The repair and maintenance of these roadways are the responsibility of the entity that has the legal authority to spend funds maintaining and improving them per Ohio Revised Code.

The township is responsible for:

Barger Road, Bear Creek Road, Beckelhymer Road, Bee’s Run Road, Bert Reed Memorial Road, Big Indian Road (off S.R. 232, S.R. 222 and S.R. 743), Bolender Road, Brown Road, Burns Road, Cann Road, Collier Road, Collier Road (West), Coombs Road, Ginn Road, Houser Road, Ireton Trees Road (East & West), Kinnett Road, Leibich Road, Little Road, Maple Creek Road, Mill Street, Moscow Cemetery Road, Mullen Road, Myer Road, Pike Street, Pumpelly Road, Sargent Road, Utter Road, Waters Road, Wiel Road, West Road, & Woodhill-Cemetery Road.

It should be noted that several of these roads may be two or more townships. The Township is only responsible for maintaining those sections of road that are within the township’s boundaries. A good example of this situation is Bert Reed Memorial Road, Ireton Trees Road, Weil Road and Woodhill-Cemetery Road.

The County is responsible for:

Bethel-Hygiene Road, Chilo Cemetery-McKendree Chapel Road, Fruit Ridge Road, Laurel-Moscow Road, Laurel-Pt. Isabel Road, Moscow Spur, Mt. Olive-Pt. Isabel Road, Neville-Penn Schoolhouse Road and Neville Spur.

The State is responsible for:

S.R. 222, S.R. 232, S.R. 743, S.R. 756 and U.S. 52

Private Roads are the responsibility of the property owners living on the road:

Private roads in Washington Township include: Brandy Apple Cove, Bullock Lane, Cedar Ridge Road, Cherry Blossom Ridge, Eagle Knoll Drive, Eagle Point Drive, Eagle Ridge Drive, East Saltair Bluff, Grant’s Pass Drive, Grant’s Ridge Drive, Grant’s Run Road, Grause Ridge Road, Green Tree Lane, Haw Tree Road, Hawk’s Nest Ridge, Hill Top Lane, Lauren’s Ridge Road, Little Indian Road, Maple Tree Lane, Michel Drive, Old Orchard Drive, Padhair Lane, Pheasant Lane, Red Oak Ridge, Saltair Crossing Drive, Santa Maria Woods Drive, Tomahawk Trail, Turkeyfoot Road, and West Saltair Bluff

Who should I call when I have a problem on my road?

For Township roads call the Township Hall at (513) 553-2072 and ask to speak with the Road & Bridge Department.
For County roads call the Clermont County Engineer’s Office at (513) 732-8857.

For State roads call ODOT at (513) 797-6008 (Batavia Office).