Cemetery Rules and Regulations

For a Complete Copy of the Washington Township Cemetery Rules and Regulations Click the Link (Washington Twp Cemetery Guidelines )

The Board of Washington Township Trustees have adopted these Rules and Regulations to ensure that the cemeteries of Washington Township maintain a dignified appearance and ensure that proper maintenance of the cemeteries is preserved.

General  Rules

  1. Please avoid conduct unbecoming a sacred place. No person shall disturb the quiet and good order of the cemetery by loud or boisterous noise.
  2. Please use receptacles for waste materials.
  3. No loitering. No parking on the grass. No alcoholic beverages.
  4. Children fifteen (15) years of age or under are not permitted in the cemetery without adult supervision.
  5. Pets brought into the cemetery shall be kept on a leash and are permitted only on the roadway. The pet owner or handler shall pick up animal waste and dispose of it off-site.
  6. The Township is responsible for seeing that others comply with the rules and regulations and maintains, protects, and promotes the best interest of the cemeteries. The Township is authorized to make temporary rules if needed, to meet emergencies which are not covered by these rules and regulations.
  7. Special cases may arise in which the enforcement of a rule may impose unnecessary hardship. The Township therefore reserves the right to make exceptions, suspension, or modifications to any of these rules and regulations, without notice, when in the judgment of the Trustees such action appears necessary.

Cemetery Rates

Resident*                           Non-Resident*

Full Lots (8 graves)                           $1,800.00                             $3,600.00

Half Lots (4 graves)                          $1,000.00                             $2,000.00

Quarter Lots (s) (2 graves)              $600.00                              $1,200.00


*Cost includes four (4) corner markers.


Cemetery Hours


All Washington Township cemeteries are open from dawn to dusk. If a cemetery gate is locked, entry can be obtained by call the Township Hall at (513) 553-2072 or the Pt. Isabel Firehouse, Station 67 at (513) 876-3740.


Lots and Lot Owners

  1. People who want to purchase a lot(s) should visit the Township Office where the Fiscal Officer, or his/her representative, will aid them in purchasing a lot(s), and obtain the necessary information to issue them a cemetery deed describing the lot(s) purchased. It can take up to four (4) weeks to obtain the deed. However, as long as the lot(s) has been paid in full, burials will be permitted.
  2. The Trustees reserve the right to limit the number of lots sold per family
  3. Complete payment for the lot(s) must be made to the Township Office before any burial(s) takes place.
  4. Lot(s) descriptions and deed copies will be in accordance with the cemetery plats which are kept on file in the Township Office.
  5. It is the duty of the lot(s) owner to notify the Township of any change in his/her address.
  6. An unopened burial site (one grave) may contain one (1) full body burial or up to three (3) cremains. If more than one (1) cremain is placed on the same burial site, the cremain burial markers must be installed flush with the ground, placed on top of the cremains, and be no more than 12 inches x 30 inches or one (1) traditional headstone may be installed listing all cremain(s) buried on the grave site.
  7. Four (4) corner markers will be installed by the Township and shall have two (2) corner markers indicating the initials of the lot(s) owner and two (2) indicating the lot(s) number.
  8. If the lot(s) owner decides they want sell the lot. They must resell it back to the Township at one-half (50%) of the prevailing selling price.
  9. If a lot(s) owner decides to transfer the lot(s) to family members, and that family member is not a resident of Washington Township, the family member shall pay Washington Township the differential between the resident and non-resident fee as per the prevailing selling price.
  10. Lot(s) that become the asset of the estate can be sold back to the Township or deeded to an immediate family member. Immediate family member is defined as: father, mother, son, daughter, grandparent, and grandchild. There will be no charge for transferring the lots(s), but in all cases the deed must be transferred through the Township Office.

Care of Lots

  1. The Township maintains the trees and shrubberies that either have been left in place or planted by the Township in the cemetery.  The general care of the cemeteries is assumed by the Township.


  1. All internments are coordinated between the Funeral Director, the lot(s) owner and/or designated family member, and the Township.
  2. The Township is only responsible for locating and marking the lot(s). It is the lot(s) owner and/or designated family member’s responsibility to determine the actual burial site. If the lot(s) owner fails or neglects to make such a designation, the Township reserves the right to make the interment location.
  3. The Township does not open, close, grade grave sites, or install headstones/monuments. These services should be coordinated through the Funeral Director or Monument Installation Company.
  4. The Township requires at least 48 hours notice prior to any interment and at least one week’s notice prior to any disinterment or removal.
  5. Burial of pets is not permitted.



The Board of Washington Township Trustee’s goal is to work with family members to properly maintain all Washington Township owned cemeteries in a fashion to respectfully remember those who have preceded us. To accomplish this goal, there are rules in place for the general public and visitors to Washington Township cemeteries pertaining to the placement and removal of gravesite decorations. Without adherence to these policies, the mowing, trimming, and straightening of monuments would exceed the capacities of the cemetery maintenance staff. The Board of Trustee’s desire is to keep the appearance of our cemeteries, esthetically pleasing, in the safest and most efficient manner possible.

  1. Individual plantings of trees, shrubs, woody plants, or perennials are not allowed.
  2. Flowers may be planted in a bed next to the monument foundation. However, flowers may not be planted around any flat marker.
  3. All flower beds shall be maintained by the lot(s) owner or next-of-kin.
  4. If a flower bed becomes unsightly, cemetery staff shall remove the bed and re-seed.
  5. Food shall not be left on the gravesite(s).
  6. Thornless flowers in non-glass vases may be placed at a grave. A small American flag may be displayed.
  7. General cleaning of the cemetery will take place twice a year beginning about mid-April, in preparation of Memorial weekend, and in the fall to prepare for winter. Any deteriorated, unsightly, and/or inappropriate grave decorations, as determined by cemetery maintenance staff, shall be removed and will not be retained.
  8. Due to health and safety concerns for the cemetery maintenance staff, as well as to avoid the appearance of clutter, the following items will not be allowed on the cemetery grounds or around gravesites:
  9. Styrofoam cups and containers
  10. Decorative fencing, railings, trellises, arches, benches, garden stones*
  11. Rocks and stones
  12. Wire or objects made of wire
  13. Glass or other similar ornamental objects (i.e. statuary, ceramics, Sheppard’s hooks, low voltage lighting, etc.)
  14. Cardboard or paper
  15. Toys or stuffed animals
  16. Balloons or inflatable items.

(*Lot owners who have installed these types of adornments prior to the adoption of these Guidelines (June 2014) do not have to remove them. However, if the adornment falls into disrepair, deteriorates, dies, becomes oversized, or becomes unsightly, it will be trimmed or removed by cemetery maintenance staff and cannot be reinstalled.)

  1. The Township is not responsible for the theft or damage to anything placed on graves or lots.

As a general rule of thumb – if the decoration is not completely secured to the foundation or headstone (monument), it is not allowed. The above items that are “free standing” or in the grass will be removed by cemetery maintenance staff and stored at the Township Hall for a minimum of two (2) weeks after removal and will be available for pick up during normal business hours. Flower arrangements will not be saved or stored.

The mowing and maintenance of Township cemeteries is very time consuming and leaves very little time for the maintenance crew to move mementoes in order to trim around and mow each grave. In some cases these items are not noticed, they can become projectiles and cause injury to the cemetery maintenance staff, visitors, and or owners. All headstones will be sprayed with grass/weed killer to assist with trimming efforts.


Foundations must meet the following:

  1. Foundations shall consist of poured wet concrete with a rating of no less than 3,000 p.s.i. Stone or other acceptable masonry material may be added to the mixture, provided the majority of the foundation is a concrete mixture. The foundation must be allowed to cure for at least seven (7) days before a headstone/monument is set.
  2. The length and width dimensions of the foundation shall match the length and width dimensions of the base of the monument/headstone. The depth of the foundation shall be 24” in depth.  All foundations must be approved prior to installation.


  1. All headstones/monuments/markers shall be set upon a concrete foundation that is appropriate for its size and weight, but no less than that noted under the foundation section noted above.
  2. Headstones shall be placed at the head of the interment.
  3. Military markers shall be placed at the foot of the interment.

Correction of Errors

The Board of Trustees shall have the right to correct any error that may have been made during the discourse of selling a cemetery lot(s). They shall have the right to substitute another lot of equal value at a similar location to correct the error. The Board of Trustees accepts no responsibility for any errors made because of wrong information provided by prior cemetery organizations which may have operated the cemetery. However, the Board of Trustees will work with the lot(s) owner to mitigate the error.